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Who we are

Our values


The ten values we propose to stand by are:


  1. Upholding Social Justice – Human rights and equality before the law is the cornerstone of a just and fair society.
  2. Equal Justice – Everyone has the right to equality before the law. This is only possible if every person can access quality, independent and expert legal assistance regardless of their means so that they can challenge unjust laws and circumstances.
  3. Honesty and Compassion – We aim to be respectful, empathic, compassionate and honest at all times.
  4. Dignity and Respect – We believe people should be able to live in their communities with dignity and respect.
  5. Trust – We will always do what we can to create an environment of trust. This means that clients should always understand their rights and be engaged in any legal processes that concern them.
  6. Commitment – We are committed to working with local people, pursuing their cases until a just outcome is achieved.
  7. Remaining Client Focused – We recognise the specific circumstances of individuals or groups and tailor our services accordingly, often dealing with several related challenges at once.
  8. Law for the Community – We believe it is important for people to be able to access specialist legal support that relates to the issues affecting communities and everyday lives.
  9. Valuing Independence – We must be free to champion the rights of the most disadvantaged, and should be directly accountable to local people.
  10. A commitment to Social Change – We respond to needs in the community by raising the awareness of legal rights, pursuing test cases, influencing social policy and campaigning for social change. We believe in early intervention and prevention, where possible.

North West London Law Centres is an umbrella body incorporated in February 2022 and registered as a charity in August 2022. It currently comprises the Brent Community Law Centre and the Camden Community Law Centre.



Help someone get the life-changing help they need, when they need it the most.





The day to day operation of North West London Law Centres is managed by Solicitor, Sean Canning.